Hornil StylePix:a Featured photo editor

Hornil StylePix:a Featured photo editoraHornil StylePix:a Featured photo editorHornil StylePix is ​​a free photo editor software with a number of advanced features. StylePix is ​​a compound word consisting of "Style" and "Pixture".As you wish "StylePix" therefore means "Style Picture". StylePix helps you to create nice pictures easily and quickly. If you do not use the image editor or think it is difficult, try using StylePix. You can also become a graphic designer with a variety of tools and an intuitive user interface.
Save time with intuitive interface
Hornil StylePix has an intuitive user interface. It is designed to control the selected functions easily and conveniently. Even if you have no experience, you can easily learn how to edit image and retouching your photos. As a result, this StylePix Hornil UI reduces your time to work.
For quick editing, Hornil StylePix designed to focus on light and strength.Hornil StylePix environments running on fewer resources such as netbooks, laptop computers or virtual machines (vmware, virtual pc, virtual box, etc.)
Support portable
Hornil StylePix is ​​a lightweight software. A portable version can be run from the Hornil StylePix removabel storage devices such as USB flash drive, flash card, or floppy disk. To install the portable version, you only need to download the portable package and then extract it. To start Hornil StylePix portable, just double click the file StylePix.exe on your portable drive.
Improvement and recovery tools
Equipment improvement and recovery of certain parts of the image that you really like drawing brush tool. Improvement tools such as burn, dodge, blur, sharpen, desaturate, saturate, and the smudge tool. And the return of the tool consists of a scratch eraser tool and red eye removal.
The text tool
The text tool allows you to type and edit text directly on the canvas.Character string in the text can be changed, not only in normal circumstances, but can also be played without losing the object properties. You can also decorate the text in the font, the size, width, kerning, tracking, in advance, align, bold, and italic. The text tool not only supports the most popular language, but also supports Arabic, Persian, Thai, Hindi, Tamil, Tiddish, etc..

A variety of selection tools
Supports various selection tools like automatic selection, color range, rectangular area, circular area, the area lasso, polygonal regions, layer selection, channel selection, and quick mask. Additionally, you can choose terpat area of ​​the image by using the selection tool with a variety of modes such as new combinations, adding, subtracting, and cut.
Dynamic brush (this feature is only supported in StylePix Pro)
Supports dynamic brush powerful tool. You can create your own brushes with cool characters, text, images, and anything you want. Also, brush your own can be a unique and dynamic with a variety of options such as the rotation of the rotation, scale, scattering, and color effects. And you can draw lines and curves using the line tool with dynamic brush. The new brushes are created can be stored in presets and can be used repeatedly.
Layers used in Hornil StylePix to separate different objects of the canvas.Stacked layers as transparencies another. Each layer can have different objects. Hornil StylePix supports four types of objects (images, text, and shapes the way) and object groups. Group object contains other objects.In addition, groups may contain other groups. You can set the layer using the hierarchy.
Hornil StylePix support for blending modes determine how two layers are mixed with each other. In Hornil StylePix, you can use 21 kinds of blending modes.
Style (this feature is only supported in StylePix Pro)
Hornil StylePix Pro provides 13 different basic styles. You can create your own style by combining the basic style. This style can be applied to images, shapes, text and layer lines. In addition, you can create a wide variety of expressions using scenes that represent all walks of style. Layer styles can be modified and does not affect the original. You can copy and paste the layer style from the layer to the other.
Built-in image viewer
Hornil StylePix has a built-in image viewer that supports all major formats, the system cache and favorites. You DAPT edit, manage, and navigate your images faster and easier with the built-in image viewer. When you start the program, the built-in display images that appear on the front.You can select images and view the histogram and edit rotation transformation with several tools at once.
Lightweight design
Hornil StylePix support all features of a modern image editor with a lightweight design. Hornil StylePix can run on low resource environment such as a laptop or notebook, and run on high resource environments with more robust performance.
Effective UI
Luna UI is a UI technology to develop an effective compliance and freedom for editing. If you select a feature, all the features required sub options appears in the instrument panel. Furthermore, you can identify what you want to accomplish in editing and change various options. In addition, the Luna UI makes the process of selecting tools, layers, and change the option to increase the freedom of editing smoothly. Luna UI fits with the modern wide-screen monitor.

Tab and MDI
Hornil StylePix supports tabs and MDI (Multiple Document Interface). Tab helps you to focus on image editing. And MDI helps you to compare and edit multiple images. If you want to move from one picture to another, press the Ctrl + tab. You can identify the picture and move to a particular image immediately.
You can watch a slideshow that displays images from selected series of images located in the current working path to full screen mode.
Batch processing
Edit the name, file format, and resize the image as well just a few clicks.Additionally, you can add some new layers that contain the logo and copyright at the same time in some images. You do not need to work one by one again.

TSP file format
Hornil StylePix TSP supports file formats that contain all the information layers, styles, and masks. You can edit the files TSP at any time.Increasing utilization using TSP as a template file.
Filter practical with direct preview
You can make your pictures better using practical filters Hornil StylePix.Hornil StylePix provide some useful filter that automatically correct images by automatically analyzing images such as auto levels, auto contrast, and color balance automatically. Hornil StylePix also provides the use of a customized filter.
Transform and alignment
Hornil StylePix provides various tools alligment / alignment. You can set the proper alignment of the layers are chosen based on the left or right, up or down, and the center with a single click. You can put a layer at the same intervals and create an image with the same unturan.
Tripping color and ruler
You DAPT measure the exact RGB values ​​of a pixel and the distance and angle of the two pixels using measuring devices. You can also correct angle oblique images using the ruler tool to measure angles for the two points.
Cutting tools can be used to cut the clip area specifically for images. It provides useful ratios such as 4 x 5 user ID and ratios. We often need to capture the screen and cut. Now you can handle this process easier using Hornil StylePix. First capture screen, and then press Ctrl + Shift + V. The images you capture will open in a new document.
A wide variety of drawing tools
Hornil StylePix provide a wide range of drawing tools, such as dynamic brush, eraser, spray, shapes, lines, charging a thorough, thorough charging apparatus with gradation.
Spray - This is similar to an airbrush that paint sprayed continuously.
Shape and paths - Express circular, rectangle, polygon, arrows, and lines.
Clone brush - you can use clone tool to fill the area with the duplicated image.
Tools Flood - Flood fill tool allows you to set the color gradation with a linearly arranged.

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